Most Popular Activities to Keep Your Kids Engaged During Lockdown

Life has never been the same ever since the waves of the global pandemic hit the world. What's worse is that the virus is likely to stay around for more time. The lockdown, the lack of interactions with the outside world, and such other events that Covid-19 has caused have made it tough for all of us. While it is comparatively more manageable for the adults to cope with the situations a little better (given that most of us are busy working on something or the other of our choice), these trying times are exerting a toll on our little children. Hence, here is a list of 3 fun activities to keep your kids engaged during a lockdown:

1) Build an art and craft tent for your kids

Keeping apart the negativities that our circumstances hold right now, this time of social isolation could be proven very useful for your children to develop and outgrow their talents. Build them an art n craft tent house for them. Order a handful of their favorite colors and other craft items. Show interest in knowing what they are making. And make art n craft a part of their daily schedule. Let them express what they feel through their art and make isolations a little easier for them to handle.

2) Nourish your children's cultural grounds

Apart from paintings, drawing, and sketching, the lockdown can also be an excellent opportunity to nourish their knowledge and learn about different cultures through activities like singing, dancing, playing an instrument, reading about history, etc. You could turn the indoor tent house of your children into a talent grooming platform.

3) Arrange for movie nights

A good movie can always turn a bad day into a good one. One of the best parts about tents is that- you can build them into anything, even movie halls! You could arrange the settings with comfortable floor quilts and soft pillows and cushions to make the tent a little more cozy and cuddly. Place your laptop or tablet matching your eye level, and do not forget to make some popcorn, of course. If you let the entire tent for your children just to themselves for their movie time, small tents can do the job. But if you too want to be there all snuggled up with them, try to opt for a bigger size tent house. Yet another best part about buying these tents from Playhouse Kids? You will find the tents in our collections come in your kids' favorite cartoon prints! From Frozen to Batman prints, find it all here.

To conclude it in a simple language, the lockdown can be one of the best periods to spend as much time as you want with your kids and help them get better at various art forms that can help them enhance their creativity at home. Furthermore, this will also give you an excellent chance to know them better, identify their strong and weak points, and hon the parent-child bonding. To add an extra element of fun to it, consider gifting them a tent house from our exclusive collections.

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