5 Fun Things to Do With the Kids During Lockdown

Since the dangers of the global pandemic still shadow all of us, it is extremely important for all us to follow every safety measure and stay indoors. However, this prolonged process of waiting for recovering, discovering, and implementing cures is easier said than done. Even the most patient and no-so-outgoing people have their limits tested. Although, it is comparatively easier for us adults to cope up, things have been ever-increasingly challenging and upsetting for kids. It is, therefore, the responsibility, of the parents to keep children occupied during this lockdown, with productive and interesting quarantine activities. Here's the list of 5 such activities that you can try at home:

Things you will need
  • A playhouse tent to give them a definite spot (Playhouse Kids has the best collection of these tents and other comfort items such as cushions, quilts, and more)
  • Books for reading 
  • Tablet, laptop, or even a mobile phone
  • Art & craft items
  • Lights, lamps, and bed sheets
  • Two mini round magnets
  • Plain sticks
    Yoga in the hut
    It is one of the best times to make your kids practice yoga. Simply let them hop into their tent house-cum-yoga-hut and demonstrate different asanas. The age-old discipline is excellent for promoting overall health and keeping the mind calm during these times.

    Learn more in the caves
    Our excellent collection of tent houses can make reading, storytelling, and learning more interesting for your kids. So hop into their new home cum cave and finish reading those pending storybooks already!

    Learn a new tongue from the scratch
    Learning a new language isn't just interesting, but it also has several benefits. It is, hence, one of the most productive activities you could engage your kids with. Grab your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop and choose which language they want to learn. Tag along to practice and make it more interesting.

    Go artsy for a full time!
    Art is one thing that helps us express our emotions in our own ways, without filtering. Therefore, during this quarantine, you can simply sit with your child and go full-on artsy, make unique paintings and pictures with different craft items and have a fun time expressing and relaxing in your child's second favorite home. And do not worry even if you spill some paint, our tent houses are easily washable! (insert wink emoji)

    Shadow hunted plays
    Get a white bed-sheet and place a few lamps or lights behind it. Ask your child to make shadows and you should participate as well and there you'd find your own shadow hunted plays and stories to be told to people. This game is great to boost children's imagination and is a lot of fun of course!

    Camping and fishing indoors, say what!?
      Cut some old clothes and stitch them into shapes of fishes. Stitch a magnet in one of the tips. Get sticks with blunt ends, tie one of its ends with a thread and attach the thread to a round magnet. Set up the tent on an elevated platform if possible and there you have it- camping and fishing indoors!
      Your children can't enjoy the joys of the outside world much during this quarantine period - said who!? 

      Each of our tent house for kids can be spilled into any place and at any place that your child wants. So, do not wait and place your order right now for your child's favourite playhouse tent from Playhouse Kids!
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