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Important Factors to Check While Choosing a Play Tent House for Kids

Important Factors to Check While Choosing a Play Tent House for Kids

Kids always find their own ways to engage entertain themselves, irrespective of the place they are in. It is sure that they cook up something quite intriguing & magical in their inquisitive minds...
The Best Gift Ideas for Girls That They Will Love

The Best Gift Ideas for Girls That They Will Love

Eureka! Eureka! Here’s the Discovery! Finding the perfect birthday gift for girls can be tough. You want to find something that is both age-appropriate and something that they will actually enjoy. Following are...
Best Gifts Ideas for Kids They Will Definitely Adore

Best Gifts Ideas for Kids They Will Definitely Adore

Whether it is the little Johnny, who wants to fly a plane with his little cousin acting as the co-pilot setting up their cockpit, which is equipped with multiple panels as well as...
Why are Tent Houses Big Size such an excellent addition to a playground

Why are Tent Houses Big Size such an excellent addition to a playground

Children will always find ways to entertain themselves, no matter where they are. It's a given that they'll conjure up something magical in their heads at any given opportunity. Despite each game's vastly...
Why are Baby Tents House Good for Kids

Why are Baby Tents House Good for Kids

As a parent, you want the best for your children, and this extends to the toys you select for them. Fun and games play a larger role in childhood development than many people...
Analyzing the concept of tent house for adults

Analyzing the concept of tent house for adults

A tent is a shelter comprised of sheets of cloth or other material stretched over, fastened to a framework of poles, or tied to a sustaining rope. Large tents usually are tethered using...
Know about the benefits of the kid's tent house

Know about the benefits of the kid's tent house

A teepee tent for kids makes a great reading nook. Getting a stack of books and going to explore people with their unique space is even more fun. It can add an extra...
Consider these things when buying Play Tent Houses

Consider these things when buying Play Tent Houses

There are numerous aspects to consider before purchasing the best test house for your little one. Kids have the ideal gift & play item for your children. Play tents are just one of...
Buy These Fabulous Kids Tent Houses Online

Buy These Fabulous Kids Tent Houses Online

Playhouses intrigue many children among all other toys. It gives them a realistic toy to live and thrive on while keeping their innocence intact. Playhouses are great ways to make your children learn...

Their Words, Our Pride

Canvas kids Tent House Small Size


You can place toys, pillows or anything else in the playhouse with your little one. The fabric is breathable & safe. Also I can easily watch the kids as they play. Good for me.
Parthiv Patel

Saturday, Dec 19, 2020

Ternion OFF White Kids Tent House Large Size

Highly recommended

Kids loved the tent. It is a beautiful tent house with windows opening and doors curtain. It is spacious enough to accommodate an adult. Four kids of 4-5 years can easily fit inside. Fabric used is also of good quality. Highly recommended.
S.G. Savita

Tuesday, Mar 2, 2021

Sun and Star Teepee Tent House for Kids

Beautiful Tent

I really liked this product by playhouse kids. It is easy to clean and also durable. It is sturdy and has strong built. It is safe for the child to play in.
Shabnam Bano

Saturday, Mar 20, 2021

Sand Castle Large Play House Tents

Good Quality

I have seen many tents this one is best also the rods are metal one. Cloth is very nice. Height is more than other competitive tents. My baby has gone crazy.
Shashikant Sharma

Wednesday, Feb 17, 2021

Playhouse Kids - Opening the doors of imagination with Fun & Play!

There are more than thousands of kids' toys and play products in the market today. However, choosing and buying the right one for your little ones is indeed a difficult task...... isn't it?

Tents to Boost Your Kids Cognitive Development

As a parent, there are so many factors to consider before buying the right Playhouse Tent for your little angels !
Well, here's the good news for you - Playhouse Kids has the perfect gift & play item for your kinds in the form of trendy Kids Tent House collections. Play tents are one of the numerous ways your kinds can play around with their imagination. A play tent can be set-up for your kids inside or outside, and it can help them their cognitive skills, have a place to play with friends or spend time alone.

What Makes Us Special?

We have come up with DIY, easy to set up, absolutely toxin-free product for your little ones and obviously these are made in India products. Not only that, each of the material used, from fabric to frames, each and every element used to manufacture these tents is of the highest & safe quality. The best part about these kids play tent house is that they come in various prints and patterns. You don't have to worry a tad about your kids not liking it. In fact, you can rest assured that they will instantly fall in love with their new favorite hideouts. From prints of most loved cartoon characters to tents built with tags of garages, shops, and other such designs. Our tent houses are a great way to keep them active and engaged in playing and learning activities throughout the day. Kids fine it extremely engaging and they would make the tent house their own home. So, give your kids their fun time with these Playhouse Kids tent houses. We are a pioneer in providing delicate texture and breathable fabric which will protect the kids naturally and enjoyable.

Loved By Kids and Parents Alike

You can also check the rest of the products like floor quilts, cushions, and bean bags to make your kids' playhouse more comfortable, pretty, and safe. So go ahead and browse our collection of your little angel's forever favorite tent-cum-hideout right away! Each item is made to fill your heart with awesome moments and make your home a playhouse. Grab them at the best prices and do not forget to come back for more exciting offers on our products!

Why do both children and parents love play house tent?

Being a parent you will always want to offer your children the best. Play house tent is one such best which you can offer to your children impacting their physical and mental growth.

Kids get excited seeing beautiful color textures and lights. Offering your children to be and enjoy in a tent house or playhouse will do help them to feel better and take a gap from the monotonous life of studies. They can sit and lounge around taking a break enhancing their imagination and cognitive abilities.

Being a parent, you are always over-possessive and concerned about your child's security, and thus afraid of taking them out in this pandemic time. Playhouses can even solve this problem, offering a safe space in which your children and their friends can enjoy comfortably, as well as getting the vibes of being outdoors.

Indeed, kids play house tent this will bring them more closer towards the beauty e of nature with the generally miss upon in this online era. Thus, whether they are little babies in the growing period of teenagers' playhouse tense will fill them with pure joy and excitement.

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