How Can Playhouse Kids Tents Be the Best Learning Toys

A playhouse opens up a world of infinite possibilities for you and your children. It allows your children to create and star in a children’s fantasy world of their own making. Moreover, it also allows parents to bond with their children in a meaningful way and in a much-needed safe space for the children. 

We advise you to guide your children through this blissful time in their lives- with encouragement and enthusiasm. The exercises they practice or the games they play can help them on their path to learn necessary life skills and social behaviors. We thought that you might be struggling to come up with fun activities to engage your children. So we researched, talked to school teachers and child experts to compile a list of games/activities for your children to play in playhouse tents. Here's a rundown of how tents from Playhouse  can be one of the best learning toys:

Finish-the-story: You can always narrate a bedtime story to your little munchkins before they doze off in their cozy little tents. However, a more engaging and stimulating way for you to use those stories will be to ask your children to complete them or at least certain parts of them. As most children’s stories contain important life lessons- putting your children in the character’s shoes may help build character and absorb moral lessons on their own.

2. Bowl-a-rama: Help your children convert their playhouse Kids into a bowling alley. Grab a few plastic bottles lying at your home and fill them up with water or raw pasta so that they do not fall over too easily. Give your children a rubber ball and ask them to topple as many as bottles they can by rolling the ball in their direction. If they are old enough, ask them to note down the number of balls they toppled with each roll and ask them to add them as they go through the session. The next thing you know, your children have become math geniuses! 

3. Family-Photo Bingo: Now, this one goes especially for your toddlers. At times like the pandemic, visiting your distant relatives or even your kid's grandparents might not seem possible. In such cases, family-photo bingo is a great game to play. You can improve your children's memory, help them learn, and remember who is who in your family. Take as many pictures of people as your wish and arrange them in sets of three. Every time a name is called out, your children have to put a finger on the correct picture. Count the number of times they get it right at once. Whoever wins thrice in a row, is the winner. Reward with their favorite something.

4. Senses, sensei!: Help your children build sensory awareness by filling a series of containers with various objects with different textures. Uncooked noodles, coffee beans, vegetables, etc. are good objects to start with. After that, put a blindfold on your children and challenge them to guess the object. 

5.Bob the Builder: Encourage your children to build their own miniature furniture for their playhouse. Give them supplies such as a pair of plastic scissors, papers, cardboard, ice cream sticks, threads, and lots of glue. Help them design their own furniture. If they are looking for inspiration, ask them to build mini versions of the furniture in your house. However, observe your children so that they do not hurt themselves by mistake.

Now that you have these many ideas, head out to our website and check out which of the tents would be best for your precious little ones. Place your orders and get them started with some fun activities already!

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