The Top 3 Reasons Why Playhouses Are Beneficial for Kids

There is an increasing need for children to be engaged in a meaningful way. Parents around the world have found themselves at a crossroads between their children being exposed to digital mediums or electronic devices and being engaged in physical activities and imaginative playtime. With the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic, children are stuck at home in isolation as schools are closed. Moreover, recreational places for children such as parks and gaming arenas are closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic as well.

The situation has provided parents with much-needed time with their children. Now, parents can play an active role in nurturing their children at home, engage them, and encourage them to find new hobbies. There has been the advent of digital applications for alternative sources of learning. Although these can be beneficial, checking up on prolonged exposure to these mediums is necessary for parents to practice. Hence, building or purchasing a playhouse for your children could be a fun way to engage them during these times. There are several benefits of playhouses for kids. Among all, here are the top three benefits that can help your child immensely:

  • Power of imagination: A playhouse allows your child to create their own fantasy world within the physical space of a playhouse tent. Child psychologists describe this make-believe playtime as highly “stimulating” as your child is seen creating different characters using props and also weaves storylines while playing in the tent. Moreover, it develops more thinking skills as compared to watching television or reading a book. It trains your child’s brain to develop memorization abilities. So get your hands on these little fun caves that are easy to assemble, wash and store. 

  • Teaches your child to develop boundaries and life skills: A playhouse tent is entirely a world of your child. They identify it as their personal space. It leads to your child learning space management and thus understanding the concept of boundaries. Children exposed to such an environment develop notions of responsibility and independence as they grow. To boil it down, as they learn to play by themselves- it allows them to make mistakes and then pick themselves up in a safe space. So try to find the best tent house for your little buddies. 

    Good news is, tents from Playhouse Kids are 100% non-toxic. They are made of cotton and polyester and can gradually become a second home for kids, their little fantasy land. Apart from that, you can also rest assured that you will find the best collections of floor quilts and cushions for children to play and sleep on.

  • Limits digital exposure and prevents screen addiction: Let us be clear, digital mediums such as streaming platforms, learning applications, and video games are important sources of learning and engagement. But prolonged exposure to these can lead to screen addiction, and isolate your child from physical activities and developing real-world skills. A little hideout in the form of a play tent can distract your child from this. 
So avoid spending a fortune on the latest electronic device for your children that what's absolutely necessary for their learning purposes. Instead, purchase some high-quality and engaging tent houses from Playhouse Kids. Let them learn through the best and healthiest ways of learning and playing as children.
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