Top 5 Ways to Engage Kids at Home During Isolation

The outbreak of the global Coronavirus has put several types of restrictions on us. With disturbing circumstances all around and increased work pressure for many of us, keeping the kids engaged and happy may appear to be quite overwhelming and challenging. But do not worry because our collection of kids' tents can be the most constructive and fun gift for your little ones. And the best news is that we even have a list of various ways that you can engage your kids at home during isolation.

However, before we get to the rundown, we suggest that you have a plan. Gap the exercises for youngsters at home into a schedule and stick it on walls or easily noticeable areas so everybody can see it. Have time set out for instructive tasks and experiments and split it up with fun exercises to keep your children drew in and cheerful. 

1) Have a picnic/camping day

Did you know? Your kids can now have mini picnic sessions with you at home with our collection of various playhouse tents? As long as you are within the safe perimeters of your home, select any spot and set it up with tents that have their favorite prints and decorate according to their favorite place. For instance, you can order a few posters and wallpapers of mountains and rivers if they love visiting such sites. Plan ahead, and try to make it feel real. Dress up, plan food items, and get speakers and music to add more to the environment. Not just indoors, easily washable cotton or polyester tent houses are also perfect for outdoor picnics. Set them up in your lawn or garden and have fun. Most importantly, do not forget to order the mandatory picnic glasses for the whole family.

2) Indoor tent cum Indoor Gaming Zone for your Kids 

Buy easy to assemble tents for your kids and build them into a safe indoor gaming zone for them. Fill the tent with a bunch of soft pillows ad floor quilts to ensure maximum safety. Order a few sets of various engaging table games and toys so that they don't miss the outsides much.

3) Spend fun movie hours in their hideouts

Spill the tents into mini-movie halls for your kids where you can let them watch meaningful movies, educational films, documentaries for children, and a few entertaining cartoon shows too. 

4) Let their tents be the learning mount

Our collection of tents are perfect for several board games, learning games, and even a few dance parties for your kids. Plan and organize different exercise/yoga routines together, bake some tasty desserts, have mini dance parties in their hideouts, or simply turn the tents into parent-child power nap zones! 

5) Stories times in tents make the best getaways for kids

Given the vast imagination capabilities that kids have, storytimes in their new home-within-home can be the perfect getaways. Read them their favorite stories and let their imaginations take them to places. 

Apart from all other consequences, the times of isolation can also be a perfect time for you to let your child hon and explore their undiscovered interests apart from strengthening your bonding with them. So pick the best ones from the best and the most reliable kids tent houses collection of Playhouse Kids.  

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