What Are the Factors That You Should Look for While Buying a Teepee Tent for Your Child?

Teepee Tents are one of the best choices that you can make for your children to play and have a nice time learning, exploring, experimenting, and storytelling. These tents make amazing playgrounds and also let your little ones have a fun time building them. So, the next time you think of gifting something to your child, make sure you check out the all-time trendy collections of teepee tents that you can find in our inventory. After all, all of us like to have a little space of our own. Even kids! And you already know that there is no better and safer option for your child than a comfortable and affordable little teepee tent from Playhouse Kids- the best place to buy indoor tents or even outdoors of your home. 

The advantages of having a teepee tent for your kid are many. 

  • You can easily expand the playspace by placing a few soft rugs and pillows; it can spill out into a cozy little comfortable room that can become a second home for your kids.
  • Kids love cozy spaces, especially if it is off the adults' sight, and hence, a teepee tent house can be your kid's favorite space to call over a few friends and play some battleship, maybe? 
  • Your child's new castle can also be a permanent home for his/her favorite toys. You will be surprised to see how many more ways it has to be of use.
  • Kids love and learn a lot through storytelling. Guess what? Storytelling in their personal little cave feels like adventures. Teepee tents can turn into their little reading nooks. This can be of great help to make your child read more. And for you, a great place to spend quality time with your baby.

However, just like a teepee tent is called by various names like tipi, tepee, and whatnot, there are several types of teepee tents available in the market these days. And thus, there are several factors that you must consider before buying a teepee tent for your munchkin. After all, you one would always like to get the best that they can for their kids. So, let's have a rundown of the factors:  

  • Material: Material always makes the top of all other priorities. Always ensure that your child isn't allergic to the type of fabric that you select. Secondly, try to choose the type of material that works great for every weather. Cotton teepee tents have the maximum preference in both cases. Especially during summers, they are great choices to keep the tent airy since they are naturally lightweight and breathable. They Try to opt for waterproof material so that your kid can play outdoors and doesn't get wet in accidental rains. Lastly, consider your budget while buying the tent and choose the fabric accordingly. Unlike tents made of cotton, polyester teepee tents cost comparatively lower and are equally or more durable. 
  • Space: Try to decide beforehand about how big or small you want your kid's tent to be. Consider your child's age and the room's capacity where you want to place the tent. Apart from that, decide if you too want to fit in comfortably in the tent, or leaving the tent to your child alone seems fine to you. 
  • Safety: Avoid tents made of too heavy materials for your toddlers. Try to opt for the ones with windows and sufficient ventilation. 
  • Designs, patterns, and prints: Teepee tents come in several prints and patterns- which are of great significance to your children. From reprints of their favorite cartoon character to specific house-type tents like garage tents, princess castles, and many more, our inventory is full of choices for the children to select from. If you are not sure about which print or style your junior would like the most, try to let them select for themselves as you suggest them for options. Needless to mention, kids have their particular taste, and buying the wrong one can be a hurdle in impressing the young kings and queens.
    Secondly, kids love jumping. So consider adding a few soft cushions to make the tent look and feel safer- especially for babies and toddlers. Lastly, don’t forget to add a floor quilt to your shopping cart to ensure a soft and comfortable ground.  
  • Set up: Try to buy the ones that are hassle-free for you and your child to set up, dismantle, and pack- just in case if it rains outside or you need the space in the room for other purposes. 

These easy to assemble teepee tents are the must-have for your child. Check out these engaging hideaways that fit every budget to get your children a very own place that they can have to themselves.

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